June 8, 2012

Jeep Rental Business Opens in South Fork, Colorado

Stephen Matthews is just as busy as a “retired guy” living in South Fork as when he was employed and ran his other businesses.   In fact, Stephen’s email address is “retiredinsouthfork.” But some people just can’t stay retired.  He just opened a new business, Wolf Creek Jeep Rentals, out of the 8200 Mountain Sports location in South Fork, Colorado.  

He contacted the SLV Small Business Development Center (589-3682) for assistance.  Stephen told us about his experience with the SBDC.  “I want to add that Donna and Dan's help has been invaluable, as it helped me get past some of the State of Colorado registrations without issue.  One item that is more difficult to explain is that sometimes it is just good to have someone listen to your ideas and give you their honest evaluation on your thoughts. This is something I really have appreciated. Donna and Dan (SLV Small business Development Center) offer a wealth of information to the community and the entire Valley. “

Stephen moved to South Fork in June of 2011 from Oklahoma.  He has been busy volunteering with his church, the Chamber, Foundation, Visitors Center and enjoys hiking and fishing.  As an entrepreneur, he looked around and saw a void in recreational opportunities for visitors and locals to access some of the beautiful back country in the San Juan Mountains.  After spending some time researching and learning the ins and outs of the industry, he purchased three top of the line Jeep Sarahas and opened his doors officially on June 1, 2012.  Check out http://wolfcreekjeeps.com/ for more information.
Stephen has an interesting background in global education, and was instrumental in a Japanese-U.S. teacher exchange program in the mid 2000’s.  He was also invited to England to participate in an educational technology reception with Parliament. He has enjoyed seeing young adults advance and move forward with their education, but says his leadership was only a small part. “We could not have seen the improvement had it not been for the faculty and staff whom he has the greatest of respect. I never wanted them to feel that they worked for me, but that we worked together as partners and instilled in the students that failure was not an option."  He has been involved in the corporate world and has successfully run other businesses with the same philosophy:  failure is not an option. 

Enjoy the View ! (Million Reservoir, South Fork)
Wolf Creek Jeep Rentals will assist experience or novice back country explorers and will equip them with trail maps, driving tips, area information and operating instructions.  

Call ahead for availability and reservations at (719) 849-8244 if you are interested in this adventure.  

They are open daily from 8a .m. to 5 p.m.  So much for being “retired in South Fork!”

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