April 17, 2013

Nectir- Staffing Services

A familiar term for strategic staffing services is a temp agency.  Arlan Van Ry is managing a local branch of the managed staffing company called Nectir, serving clients in the region, based in Alamosa.  “As someone who has experience the economic changes in the San Luis Valley area, I know that local employers will benefit from strategic staffing services,” says Van Ry.  “With Nectir’s experience and established infrastructure, we are excited to help businesses find top talent while reducing their hiring expenses.” 
Arlan has strong ties to the community, having  grown up in the SLV, graduating from Alamosa schools, serving with the 3rd Ranger Battalion - U.S. Army, working in various local businesses, and earning an Associate’s Degree from Trinidad State Junior College.  He currently serves as a school board member for the Alamosa School District.

Arlan is able to demonstrate to an employer how the service can offer flexibility and reduce personnel costs as they grow their business.  “Not everyone needs a full time employee every day from the start of their business.  Others are seasonal businesses and sometimes small business owners do not have the staff for all of the H.R. requirements,” stated Van Ry.  Arlan completed the Leading Edge course in the fall of 2012 and has appreciated the assistance from the Small Business Development Center (589-3682), especially the networking opportunities.

For any type of staffing needs, contact Arlan at 719-580-5615 or 719-496-6901; e-mail him at avanry@nectir.com.  The website is www.nectir.com/alamosa.