Leading Edge Course Details (Click Here)

Leading Edge Business Seminar in Alamosa, Colorado How can I manage my business like a true business professional if I don’t have any formal business training, and I don’t have time to go to take classes at a college?

How can I plan for the growth of my company? How can I explain to my lender my need for financing and increase my chances of getting the loan approved?

If you have asked yourself questions like these, or you are an entrepreneur with a great idea for a business but no idea where to start, then you may want to consider enrolling in the Small Business Development Center’s Leading Edge course.

Leading Edge uses local business experts as speakers and the NxLevel© curriculum and is one of the best and most affordable entrepreneurial training programs on the market today. It aims for these results:

1. Provide basic business skills training, including preparing a business plan.

2. Provide practical guidance in marketing, financial projections and negotiating with lenders.

Over 600 communities in 48 states use the NxLevel© training material, with an average graduation rate of 65%. Existing businesses that have completed the program see a 28% increase in sales, and on average, create one additional job within one year of graduation. Of those graduates not in business, 40% go on to start a new venture.

From a recent San Luis Valley participant’s evaluation:

“If someone has an idea about starting a business, this is the class for you. You have to start somewhere. I know I am going to start a business soon; I am thankful for the Leading Edge Course because it got my wheels turning.”

Class will be facilitated by Donna Wehe. To register, contact Donna Wehe at 719-589-3682 or donna@slv-sbdc.com.

Classes will be on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at the Colorado Welcome Center/Train Depot in Alamosa, Colorado, located at the intersection of State Avenue and 6th Street (Hwy 160 East).

The 12 week seminar costs $250 per business. Up to 3 people per business may attend. Scholarships may be available.

Session 1) Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Understand business ownership, develop goals, objectives and mission statement

Session 2) Planning and Research - this class will be at the Adams State College Library in Alamosa

Use the resources at ASC to learn more about your industry, trends & demographics
Session 3) Legal Structure and Tax Management

Learn from an attorney and CPA how the legal structure chosen for your business may help mitigate tax and other liabilities

Session 4) Marketing Analysis and Effective Signage

Use market analysis to develop your customer profile and analyze the competition

How to incorporate a SWOT in your business plan

Watch and discuss a 20 minute video about effective signage

Session 5) Marketing and Sales Strategies

Realize the importance of business image; learn what influences price/quality relationship, and examine tools used to promote your business

Learn effective sales techniques from an experienced business owner
Session 6) Financial Overview

Gain an understanding of the basic financial statements and how they are used, how to calculate break even, and pricing your product strategies
Session 7) Managing Money Strategies

Learn how budgets, sales forecasts and other tools provide performance feedback

Develop cash flows (hands on activity to understand profit and loss statement)

Develop a pro forma balance sheet

Session 8) Cash Management and Risk Management

Learn about internal operation controls over cash and tax issues that face business owners

Understand all the different types of insurance requirements for small business owners and employers

Session 9) Financial Statements and Business Ratios

Learn to calculate and use ratios in financial statement analysis

Learn from an experienced business owner how projections and ratios can be used to make decisions

Session 10) Financing Your Business (Lender Panel)

From Angel Investors to traditional commercial loans, discussion with a panel of experts over ways to finance your business

Session 11) Green Business * Negotiations * Insurance/Human Resources

Learn the necessity of "going green," available resources and understand the importance and lingo of the "green business" market.  This session covers any loose ends including negotiation tactics and other management issues such as insurance, financial planning or HR topics that wasn't covered previously.

Session 12) Future Growth/Graduation

Now what? Growing pains that face businesses and how to handle them; hear the succes story of a local small business and how they got there