April 5, 2011

Watch out for this Scam

Warning: Fake Secretary of State Letters Sent to Business Owners

You may have gotten one of these letters in the mail. When you first look at it, it looks authentic. There is a seal and language threatening business owners will become "noncompliant" or delinquent" if they fail to respond. It then asks for $225 and an enclosed form to be returned to file a periodic report.

Beware! Don't fall prey to these letters. These letters are not from the Secretary of State's office. The letters are actually sent from a Nevada company, Corporate Controllers Unit LLC. There is a disclaimer in small print toward the bottom of the letter stating the letter is not from a government agency. Do NOT send this group any money!

Yes, you are required by law to file an annual periodic report, but you can do so on the Secretary of State's website for only $10.