November 14, 2013

Unique Consignment Store Available in Alamosa

Bottom Feeder Emporium Helps You Sell Your Old Treasures

If you have any antiques or unusual items you might be thinking of selling and donʼt know the value, consider checking into the Bottom Feeder Emporium located on 3330 Clark Street (Just south of Walmart) in Alamosa. Since 2001, Linda Falkenthal and her daughter, Lynn, have been selling and buying unique items through eBay and now have opened a store to showcase their expanding wares. Their motto - Helping you sell your
old treasures and find your new treasures.

Linda puts a lot of time and effort into researching the items her clients bring in to find the appropriate value. The best part of doing the research, Linda says, “I love learning about the history of a doll or piece of furniture and sharing that with my clients. This is
the heart and soul of what I enjoy the most.” Linda does in depth searching through Google, Twitter, collector groups on Facebook and much more. She has learned in order for her client (the person who brings in the item), to do research before taking the item, to ensure that she and her client makes enough money. Therefore, she loves educating her clients. There was a “Alice in Wonderland” 29 piece set that a client was planning to sell for only $9.00 at a garage sale, when she learned about the Bottom Feeder Emporium. Linda researched this unusual item and was able to sell this set for $4,700!

What makes the Bottom Feeder Emporium different from other consignment stores is that they take furniture, dolls, china, books and other collectibles. Where as, most other consignment stores, which are usually in the larger cities, mostly sell clothes and jewelry. This is not a pawn shop or non-profit thrift store, the Bottom Feeder Emporium
is a consignment store that doesn't negotiate prices and there is no haggling like a yard sale. A layaway policy is available along with a consignment agreement. Furthermore, they comply to city ordinance is case something comes in stolen.

Lindaʼs attendance to the Small Business Development Center Leading Edge Class
(589-3682) several years ago was instrumental in getting clear on her path of selling
this type of item as well as getting support from encouraging staff members.
At least once a month, they attend auctions in Denver or around the San Luis Valley.
Therefore, there is always fresh merchandise to check out in their store on Clark Street
making it a great place to shop for birthday or Christmas gifts. However, the store is
only a fraction of what the Bottom Feeder Emporium offers. 

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For more information, email- or call 719-937-8098.