July 10, 2013

Open Skies Acupuncture is a Community Style Clinic New Business in Alamosa

It seems like one business closes and another opens quite frequently.  At 407 State Avenue in Suite D, that is exactly what happened to allow Tanner Fritscka an opportunity to locate his new clinic, Open Skies Acupuncture (former business was Open Skies Yoga Studio).  Tanner is professionally educated in acupuncture and Chinese medicine but wanted to try a different business model.  He wanted to make his practice affordable and accessible to everyone who could benefit from multiple treatments.  In working with the Small Business Development Center (589-3682), he received assistance in setting up and managing the bookkeeping and other logistical issues.  He was provided networking and relevant marketing ideas and assistance with finding a location.  He attended the workshop “Starting Your Own Business,” which he found helpful in guiding him on the steps necessary to get the venture started.
                Tanner identified his own challenges in becoming a small business owner: “Being a great acupuncturist does not always mean that a person has the personality or skills to market, network, and thrive on the business end of the spectrum.  I had to learn how to market my services and myself. It was not an easy task, mostly because I don’t like to be a “salesman.”  In overcoming this challenge, Tanner decided to try a different business model that allows him to offer affordable care without being pushy.  He said, “The more my clients can afford to come back, the more they feel better.”
            When speaking with the SBDC Director, Donna Wehe, Tanner described how his atmosphere will be different from other places.  Tanner explained, “I decided to streamline and simplify a lot of things, which allowed me to lower my prices.  The ability to come in for treatment as much as a person needs to has made a huge difference in the health of my patients.
                At our clinic, people pay whatever they feel comfortable with on our scale of $15 to $45, keeping in mind that folks often need a series of frequent treatments for acupuncture to be the most effective.  We can do this because we provide Community style acupuncture.  This means that treatments are given in a large, quiet, comfortable room; in a recliner, rather than lying on a table; and people do not need to disrobe, they just need to roll their sleeves up to your elbows and their pants up to your knees; people can stay as long as they want, and there are other people getting treated at the same time in the same way, in the same room.  People love it because it makes it easy for people to get treatments whenever they want, to be treated with their families and friends, to feel comfortable rather than isolated, and to create a palpable calming and healing energy that makes the individual treatments more effective.”

                The best way to find out more about the business is the website: www.OpenSkiesAcupuncture.com, or his Facebook page, Open Skies Acupuncture. People are always more than welcome to call Tanner as well.  His number is 719-588-7113.